Our company achieving any kinds of special application production details every step of the production with CAD drawings and forms the iron as desired by the customers and continues to add the new ones to national and international references day by day. Our company signing every project we deliver with EKE’s name supports our customers with EKIP brand not only at the stage of production but also following the installation and produces products they will use safely for years. Our company expanding the machinery with laser cutting, oven dying facilities will carry on investments in technology in the field of wrought iron and deliver the best quality products to the customers all the time at the best available rate and on time. 2 sculptors with national awards within the structure of our company offers artistic services to customers mainly iron and marble and prove the truth that processing the iron is an art.

We produce your products as:

  • Oven dyed
  • Hot-dip galvanized
  • Oven dyed on hot-dip galvanized