Our company having been active in iron-steel sector since 1981, is the member of EKE METAL GROUP A.S and was established in September 1997, in Organized Industry zone in 5000 m2 closed, 3000 m2 open area. Ekip Ferforje A.S adopting respect to human and environment as the fundamental philosophy and quality, dead line and price as the main principle process 500 tons iron monthly with 150 employees and exports 50% of production to Spain, England, Germany and African countries, the USA, Canada and Turkish Republic. Irons produced are matt industrial black painted, dip-galvanized, electrostatic powder painted and polyurethane painted on epoxy. Production, installation and sales of all products embodying perfect harmony of iron, iron and wood, iron and marble, iron and glass are under the assurance of Ekip Ferforje A.S. Activity areas of our company with production in compliance with European standards aiming to bring unique aesthetic appearances to structures and spaces by expanding areas of use and use of wrought iron use are as follows:

  • Production and assembly of any kinds of decorative iron
  • Bay window model wrought iron windows
  • Balcony, above wall and stairs models
  • Wrought iron furniture and accessories
  • Production of wrought iron candlestick, chandelier, floor lamp, wall lamp, etc.
  • Applications of holiday village, hotel, building complex and business centers.